We have made a lot of progress over the last couple of weeks. Last week, our construction team built two new important components of the hull – a rudder skeg and a “keel box”. The rudder skeg balances the moment of the strut at the front of the vessel and protects the rudder. The “keel box” holds the strut in place and distributes the strong torsional and bending loads from the strut.

IMG_1725    SONY DSC
The rudder skeg before and after shaping.

IMG_1746Bonding the rudder skeg to the boat.

Early in the week we fibre glassed and sanded the box, in preparation for it to be inserted into the hull, which we completed at week’s end.

RYAN AND DON      IMG_1748
Fitting the “keel box” into the hull.

We are excited that the exterior of the hull is taking shape, and we will start laying out the interior structure with bulkheads and supports for components this week.

If you want to keep updated on our weekly progress, please follow us on our Instagram account!

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