Logo Upgrade

We have a new logo! Read on to see where the design of our new emblem stems from.


Designer Haske Sumaila writes the following about his design:

“The word ‘voyage’ evokes plenty of strong imagery related to sea, and to space. An adventurer sailing across the open sea, or a scientist reaching beyond the atmosphere and into space, come to mind. These vignettes inspired the design of the logo for UBC Voyage.

“The logo depicts a boat sailing to the south, leaving behind a wake of water flanked by ocean spray. Because the word “voyage” is related to both sea and space, I wanted to draw parallels between the two extremes. The curved shape of the wake is reminiscent of classic space-related imagery, almost like a rocket taking off. The southern orientation distinguishes the vessel as a boat and allows the wake to serve as a representation of the letter “V”, to further tie the logo to Voyage. The final element of the logo is the ocean spray, which takes the form of stars with varying sizes. Again, the idea was to relate sea and sky, so the stars were chosen to give the logo another galactic element.

“My goal was to represent the word ‘voyage’ by tying together themes and motifs from space and the ocean. I hope the design evokes some of these associations, and I welcome you to share your alternative interpretations!”

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