In addition to the solar panel tilting mechanism, we have been working on installing a hangar deck.  This hangar deck is a section at the stern of the boat that is wet but protected. Water can enter this area, but drains out without entering the sealed section of the boat.

The hangar deck

The photo above shows the hangar deck. The rudder post comes up from the tube in the donut, where, it is connected to a tiller. This tiller, is rotated by push rods from the servo inside the boat to make the boat turn. These push rods enter the boat from the forward wall of the hangar deck through sealed connections. Between the two barrel decks shown, there will be a removable hatch to keep water and objects off the deck.

The back part of the hangar deck, showing where the solar panel tilting ropes enter the deck

At the stern of the boat, there is a sacrificial section in case the vessel gets hit by other ships or marine life. This “crush zone” can absorb the impact load without making a hole in the boat. Inside the “crush zone” we have installed a transom tube for intake of water samples. These samples will be analyzed for microplastic content.

One of the four wood pieces that make up the aft “crush zone” with the transom tube in the background.

Stay tuned for more updates over the next few days!

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