Our diverse team is composed of more than 40 UBC students studying a variety of fields. The members are split into five sub-teams: hull construction, power electronics, software, research and admin. Below is a brief biography of our two team captains.

Torbjørn Reitan Fyrvik
Torbjørn is a third year Integrated Engineering (IGEN) student from Trondheim, Norway. Through his efforts at Voyage, he fosters his passion for the maritime, as well as entrepreneurship. In his spare time, Torbjørn likes spending time outside: skiing, slacklining, mountaineering, and simply enjoying nature.

ÝYên Gallup
ÝYên (Pronounced Ian) is a third year Electrical Engineering Student from Portland, Oregon. A dual love of boats and engineering makes him uniquely excited about the voyage project. Outside of school he spends his time climbing slacklining, skiing and generally exploring the outdoors.