Our team has 2 Captains and 6 Sub team leads. The following are their Bio’s:

Torbjørn Reitan Fyrvik (Team Captain)

Torbjørn Reitan Fyrvik is one of the team’s captains. His Norwegian name being difficult to pronounce for English speakers, he goes by T-Bear among non-Norwegians. T-Bear studies Integrated Engineering, which suits his interest in entrepreneurship and multidisciplinarism. In his spare time, he likes spending time outside: skiing, slacklining, mountaineering, and simply enjoying nature.


ÝYên Gallup (Team Captain)

ÝYên (Pronounced Ian) is a second year Electrical Engineering Student from Portland Oregon. A dual love of boats and engineering makes him uniquely excited about the voyage project. Outside of school he spends his time climbing slacklining, skiing and generally exploring the outdoors.


Foster Dolling (Hull design team lead)

Foster Dolling is a second year Integrated Engineering student who has been around boats all his life. He has over 5000 nautical miles logged, and he is looking to expand his experience in marine industry. He once spent a year sailing in Mexico, and loves swimming.

Shivang Srivastava (Navigation team lead)

Shivang enjoys coding and has been doing it as his hobby for about 6 years now. He is fond of discrete Mathematics and has a special affinity for the partition function. He is keen on Penetration testing and funding as many vulnerabilities as possible. Technology not just as a tool to make our lives easy but also to create more conscious and aware human beings remains his goal.

Brendan Mierau (Navigation team lead)

Brendan Mierau is a UBC student pursuing a career in Electrical Engineering. After highschool he branched out into many fields learning metalworking, coding and looking into the design of underground industrial systems in central Canada for three years before deciding to pursue engineering. Growing up he fostered a love of building systems and taking them apart. He chose engineering to explore and push the bounds of innovation.


Hirak Adhvaryu (Power Systems team lead)

Hirak is the 2ndyear IGEN student in charge of the Power Systems. He is interested in all things tech especially artificial intelligence but his true love is energy. He wants to contribute to the sustainable energy sector by working on UBC Voyage.His team plans to implement both well established and newer technologies to supply power.

Guus Lammers (Control Systems team lead)

Guus Lammers is a UBC student pursuing a degree in Integrated Engineering. After completing high school Guus began his engineering education at Selkirk College in the Kootenays before moving to Vancouver to complete his degree. Growing up Guus was always curious about the ways things work. He chose this career path to learn how things work so he can one day make a positive impact on the world.


Abhay Sehgal (Outreach team lead)

Abhay Sehgal is a second year UBC Civil engineering student with keen interests in structural mechanics, transport networks and leadership roles. Growing up in New Delhi ,India, Abhay was exposed to a wide variety of technical and experiential learning opportunities, that made him interested in pursuing a degree in engineering from an international university.